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Only recently have we tried to romanticize it and make it more than a business arrangement. Brickleberry nude pics. I said that about a week ago on this very blog about Johnny Mitchell. Pilar sanders naked. I think Deion had some play in what his daughter was about to do.

I think SOME kids of divorce know too much about what caused the divorce and feelings are already in the toilet. So sitcho stupid azz down somewhere: Now, I don't wear weaves or wigs, but y'all know damn well this is not her real hair. I really prefer a tone feminine body thnt a very thick body that will explode as soon as a baby come!! She's married, so Pilar Sanders is her name. Yall thanks boo Unpredictable I am co-signing everything you said, my parents have been divorced for most of my life and my dad has showed his behind on numerous occassions.

In most cases, the statements about what happened contradict each other. Sista Im not refuting you Im just trying to get a handle on what you saying. Had to post all the lyrics to that one, I use to sing that to my ex boyfriend back in the day. She is making her money too. Big tits noleen. The year-old was dropped off on Dec. Her skin is flawless perfect weight. IGO no apologies needed…we all have our opinions and the great thing about it is when it differs it gives a different perspective.

She not working is she, but the wife should work right? Laying hands on one of the parental units demands an old fashioned ass whooping. I plan on going out for new years…My sister got me this really cute dress from the Limited for Christmas. Thats what girl should look like healthy and gorgous!!! These two women look pathetic and for the people who think they look beautiful needs their glasses checked out because those are some ugly mofos.

I would copy and paste what was said but I just stopped lurking and I would hate to get. Deion Sanders denied making any threat at that hearing. I Go There As a man it seems like you would want to take of your woman and make sure she is comfortable and able to give your kids the attention they need! Naija — Did you get anything special? What marriage means is relative to everyone. My wife would be in that box putting up drapes. I dare think of what the ones that write the negative comments look like GASP.

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I see Jim Jones was going in on Sandra last night on twitter. Catherine bosley naked video. I know the conversation got a lil heated and If I got under anybodys collar my bad…. LOL Sandra be working for them exclusives. Marriage is a contract; a piece of paper giving two people certain rights under the law.

I feel for the children that have to go through these messy media divorces. Promo for what you ask? Uh oh…Has Choco done got started in here? I loved Scared Straight…I wish they had that when I was growing up. Hey suga and makeup maven. Laker Talm bout my momma will take me back to that 15 year old girl who would bust you in yo mouth because you were staring at me too long. This young lady was way out of line. Tainted thanks so much. Fat nude porn. Pilar sanders naked. You never see any other hall of famer wife doing childish things like she does for attention.

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Oh I, Oh I, I wanna touch you baby And spread my love all around you, honey And if you come, you gotta show, baby True love to share… Ooh yeah, my sweet baby…. Aug 26, 2. Tatted How are you this a. Her hair is very thin alomost balled that's why she add the hair.

Why I just pictured that chit off of your description! I cant quite put my fanga on it. Lil girl, grow up, bye. As a housewife, he brought in the money, but I paid the bills, I took care of home, I took care of the kids and I took care of him.

She said he's accused her of cheating on him during the marriage on Twitter. I plan on going out for new years…My sister got me this really cute dress from the Limited for Christmas. Deion is known for having affairs. Naked big round ass. I can see that chit happening so clear.

Her skin is flawless perfect weight. I mean damn they have kids together and they probably or not will become friends again after the dust settles, so folks should just mind their own business. Have my back silently…Pilar outta run up on her tricking azz and punch the chit outta her! Granted some consider the male as the provider, but I guess different strokes for different folks. No charges were filed.

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I thought the only one left was the non singin not too cute childhood friend that was in the group just cuz they didnt wanna leave him out. My brothers and I will beat you till the white meat show if you keep disrespecting our mother. Some men get intimidated and she is a beautiful lady. Milf hunter cecilia. Gina lynn lesbian porn This is her job-way of living. Lisa Raye is a dried dogwood berry. Pilar Sanders started to talk about naked photos, but Deion Sanders erupted with "you're lying" at the same time his attorneys objected to the testimony.

FYI did yall know kegals help u get multiples?? They would ahve to increase the character limit just for her! Biggers, come get your girl! Pilar was ready to spread her wings and if she can flaunt it, host events, model or whatever to make a means for herself, so be it! Who is this girl to judge this lady?

He filed for divorce yesterday after she posted all that chit pretty much on the grounds the girl claimed. Those days are long gone when a hot meal is on the table and bath drawn lol.

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