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That's why in the first game, Harley recognizes the way the Prime Earth Joker hits her as the same way as Regime Earth Joker did, and then takes him back!

These are the facts. Hot lesbian squirting videos. Representation for queer women exists in comics, though not nearly as enough as it should be. Harley quinn and poison ivy lesbian. Hope you like this story. This isn't as much of a mystery as it seems. I don't believe she is. Put in all the commentary and whatnot you like, but that should be the first thing on your mind.

I think Ivy just hates people. And I don't mean the Injustice ones. They were super cool, super strong and could hold their own against anyone. Intruder In The Night Table of contents. Big black naked breast. Gods Among Us, another alternate universe comic. It's a special type of lesbian lol Just two perverts preying on boys.

Harley is the sort who likes being abused and exploited I mean, just look at her relationship with Mr. Are you honestly telling me that just because the creator wrote the story in order to express something political it is therefore ok to take all the subtlety and innuendo he utilized in his attempt to express it and slap it on the face of the comic?

You're the one imagining things, pretending something doesn't exist. Poison Ivy's relationship with Harley Quinn whether mere platonic friendship or moreappear to be an exception to this pattern of behavior, and appears to be focused on Harley Quinn as an individual, rather than a fixation on women generally. The last corner was the lounge room complete with a large flat screen TV stolen and a large lounge, it was on this lounge which Ivy now lay, her eyes glued to the giant screen of the TV, scanning Gotham's news channels for any information on what her fellow villains were up to.

While Harley once again screws up for the Joker which leads to all kinds of trouble. There was an arc in Harley Quinn awhile back where they I was saying she's mostly plantsexual but willing to predatorily take advantage of others' sexualities.

If TIMM said it though She is not known have explicitly identified herself with such classifications. I would say she's definitely on the queer spectrum but we don't know where on it whether it be bi, pan or something else. Are you following us on Facebook?

Not sure what it is if Ivy has no attraction whatsoever to any other female or male, but only Harley. This page just couldn't load fast enough!

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She was madly in love with the Joker, and though he did seem to show affection now and then, he tortured her, beat her up, threw her out the window, bullied her, ignored her, and everything else you can list about domestic abuse, and yet she kept going back to him.

This along with some not so subtle hints from Harley and Ivy in birds of prey and various other comics on top of that, her and catwoman in other comics just makes me wonder if she's gay? Yes, they are Girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy.

This series takes place during World War II, but in a universe where all the superheroes are women. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ailee nude photo scandal. If TIMM said it though That's like saying video games should appeal to children first, that's like saying cartoons should appeal to children first, and you couldn't be more wrong! Instead, they owe it to the character to acknowledge her sexuality and actually depict it.

The fact that she pays more attention to plants than to men says a lot less about her sexuality than about her hostility to bipeds. Harley and Ivy kissing in Injustice: Yeah, surprised that people don't talk about that relationship when they talk about closet gay characters And he's definitely closet, as he hates lesbianism, so he would be a hypocrite and instead talk about this one, which really doesn't make a lot of sense to me as Ivy has had a few male love interests in her character history and no female ones.

I don't need to write for Dc to understand that. Harley quinn and poison ivy lesbian. When did I say comics are just for children? This isn't as much of a mystery as it seems. She might be classified as omni-predatorial in her sexuality. She is not known have explicitly identified herself with such classifications. I'd say that it's a fairly safe assumption that Ivy's gay. Girl gets caught fucking. Learn how your comment data is processed. I thought it was all made up just for the comics. What the new readers find, however, may not match up with the expectations set by the film.

No need to get ultra defense over something as small as this. Released before internet fandom became a major social phenomenon, the issue faded easily into the background. One person even vehemently declared that the characters aren't gay and were in fact straight, but then later, to protect the characters' heterosexuality, said that they couldn't possibly be gay because they're only fictional characters, and don't have a sexual preference.

You May Also Like Want to add to the discussion? It also explains why she hates the Joker so much he treats her bad and, besides, he can't love her the same way that she can! Over the years, a whole plethora of writers and artists have pointed toward an erotic relationship between the two.

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