Burn the paper manual

Gone are the days of handing your employees a 50 page handbook and your menu on paper. Give your people access to our easy-to-use online training platform that teaches them everyone they need to know about your restaurant.

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  • Your menu broken down

    We take your menu and make it interactive where employees can learn about ingredients, wine pairings, and dietary needs.

  • Quizzes

    Employees take quizzes about what they've learned to ensure they know about your products before they hit the dining room floor.

  • Handbook

    They'll learn about your culture, policies, and procedures in a clear yet concise manner.

  • Health & Safety

    Proper storage procedures, 'The Danger Zone,' and food sanitation are just a few of the issues addressed in our healthy and safety course.

  • Alcohol knowledge

    Our program ensures that your staff knows everything about your wine, beer, and cocktail list down to the difference between bourbon and rye whiskey.

  • We make training fun

    By adding a social gaming aspect to learning about your restaurant’s operations we make training enjoyable instead of a chore.

Your menu items broken down


Menu overview


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