Online training for your restaurant

Gone are the days of handing your employees a 50 page handbook and your menu on paper. With Sidework each of your employees has access to your training assets online with their own secure logins. You can track their progress while they learn about your product offerings and react accordingly.

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We now offer Spanish translation of all your training materials.
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  • Your menu broken down

    We take your menu and make it interactive where employees can learn about ingredients, wine pairings, and dietary needs.

  • Quizzes

    Employees take quizzes about what they've learned to ensure they know about your products before they hit the dining room floor.

  • Handbook

    They'll learn about your culture, policies, and procedures in a clear yet concise manner.

  • Health & Safety

    Proper storage procedures, 'The Danger Zone,' and food sanitation are just a few of the issues addressed in our healthy and safety course.

  • Alcohol knowledge

    Our program ensures that your staff knows everything about your wine, beer, and cocktail list down to the difference between bourbon and rye whiskey.

  • We make training fun

    By adding a social gaming aspect to learning about your restaurant’s operations we make training enjoyable instead of a chore.

Your menu items broken down


Menu overview


Sample quiz


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